Toronto eSchool Student Program Rules Agreement

I have read and agree to abide by the rules presented in Toronto eSchool's School Calendar, in particular the rules regarding Attendance, Code of Conduct, Plagiarism and Appropriate Use of Technology found on the webpage of the school at and recognize that my failure to follow these rules will result in the consequences implemented according to the School Calendar.

In addition, I understand that the following constitutes plagiarism:

I understand that plagiarism is not allowed in Ontario schools and there will be consequences for committing plagiarism, according to the Toronto eSchool School Calendar. As such, I agree to hand in assignments that are my work and not anyone else's for Toronto eSchool courses I am enrolled in. If I am required to perform research for an assignment that is part of my Toronto eSchool course, I will cite my sources in a Works Cited page. If I am unsure how to create a Works Cited page, I will ask my Toronto eSchool teacher.

Final Exams

Final Exams are 2 hours long and need to be supervised by an approved Proctor. During my final exam, as soon as my exam is opened and until I submit my exam, I agree to the following:

If I do not follow the above items, I will be considered as cheating during the exam and my answers in the exam will not be considered valid. As a result, I will receive a mark of zero on a portion of the exam or the entire exam will be given a mark of zero, at the discretion of the Toronto eSchool Principal. I realize that receiving this consequence for cheating during a final exam may result in my failing the course. I will not receive a refund for failing a course.

I also understand that any continuous failure to abide by the above guidelines may result in dismissal from Toronto eSchool without refund.