| Monday, 23 March 2020 |
Global event
It is the Time to Start/Upgrade Your Grade 11/12 Courses Online
12:00 AM

Are you worried about your day school marks in grade 11/12 courses?

You do not have to wait until you complete the course at your home school. You can start/upgrade your courses online if you feel the current mark is not good enough.

To be a full time student to earn your OSSD from Toronto eSchool, you only need to register 3 courses with TES.

Learn more:  http://torontoeschool.com/

Online High School Courses

Grade 12 Courses


ENG4C English 12 College Preparation

ENG4U English 12

OLC4O – Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course


MAP4C Foundations for College Mathematics Grade 12

MCV4U Calculus and Vectors 12

MHF4U Advanced Functions 12

MDM4U Mathematics of Data Management 12


SBI4U Biology 12

SCH4U Chemistry 12

SPH4U Physics 12

ICS4U Computer Science 12


BOH4M Business Leadership Grade 12

BBB4M International Business Fundamentals

BAT4M Financial Accounting Principles

HSB4U – Challenge and Change in Society 12


ESLEO English as a Second Language Level 5

ESLDO English as a Second Language Level 4

ESLCO English as a Second Language, Level 3