Faculty TES Faculty & Staff

Head of Mathematics and Science
Sofika H, OCT

Head of English and Business & Social Studies
Erin W, OCT

Head of ESL and IELTS Test
Sonia.K B.A,OCT

Math and Science Teacher
Madison H, OCT

Science & Math Teacher
Mojtaba K, OCT

Science and Mathemaics Teacher
Natasha P, OCT

English & Art Teacher
Mary S, OCT

ESL, English & Art Teacher
Linda C, OCT

Math & Science Teacher
Farah M, OCT

English & ESL Teacher
Laura H, OCT

English and ESL Teacher
Lidia P, OCT

Math & Science Teacher
Stephen H, OCT

Math & Social Science Teacher
Will G, OCT

English, ESL and IELTS Teacher
Jacqueline H, OCT

English and Business Teacher
Caroline H, JD

English Teacher
Lela L, OCT

English and ESL Teacher
Katherine M, OCT

English, Business and History Teacher
Nicholas M, OCT

English, ESL and LKBDU Teacher
Pristine J, PHD

Math & Science Teacher
Yifan F, MS

Math, Chemistry & Science Teacher
Clay G, PHD

Math & Science Teacher
Sneha A, OCT

Math & Science Teacher
Sarah G, OCT

Math, Computer Science and Physics
Paul R, OCT

English & ESL Teacher
Kassandra P, OCT

English & Social Science Teacher
Lisa D, OCT

Science Teacher
Kajree, OCT