Tutoring Overview

Your child's academic success is our priority! We provide a variety of tutoring services and programs for all subject areas for Grades 9-12.

We take a customized approach that takes into account your child's learning style, skills, and academic goals. We take a look at not just the content of the subject matter your child is learning, but HOW your child is learning... and will implement strategies to maximize your child,s success.

Our 4-Step Process:

  • Upon intake, we will assess your child to determine his/her learning needs and goals for improvement.
  • Your child will be matched with an appropriate tutor.
  • Customized support will be provided.
  • Needs will be re-assessed if/when necessary.

Through TorontoeSchool, your child will be enabled to:
  • Build a strong foundation for better grades
  • Be prepared for exams
  • Feel confident about his/her academic skills
  • Build skills that improve learning in all subject areas
  • Open doors for the future