Financial Aids - Toronto eSchool

Financial Aids - Toronto eSchool

Toronto eSchool is pleased to announce that we are one of the very few schools offering installment plans for those students who are economically disadvantaged. We strongly believe education is not a privilege and everyone should be able to access it from anywhere in the world. The purpose of this education installment plan is to help students reduce some financial stress when they are trying to balance their study, family and social life. Toronto eSchool is here to help you to get one step closer to your dreams.

Installment plan:

If you need some financial assistant, we offer maximum three interest-free installments for students with special needs ( only two installments available for one course registration).

First installment: at the time of your registration (1/3 of the tuition per course + service fees)
Second installment: when you finished unit 3/4 (1/3 of the tuition per course +service fees)
Third installment: after mid-term examination, before final exams (1/3 of the tuition per course +service fees)
Students wishing to apply to have a financial installment should complete a Financial Aids Application and return it, along with all supporting documentation, by email to and CC as well.


1: Eligibility:
All new students who are planning to enrol our online courses.

2: Why is there a service fee added?
There will be a charge from the bank institution plus the administration cost from the office, thus a twenty dollars of service fee will be applied each time if the supporting document is approved by our finance team.
*Fees may be waived if the student is first nation, currently serving at Canadian Army and those who have life-long disabilities.

3: How many courses can I enroll at a time?
You can enroll yourself in as many courses as you want as long as you worked with one of the Student Recruitment officer prior to enrollment. However, we strongly advise you to take no more than five courses at the same time to help you better success in the courses.

4: Can I transfer this credit to my home school or use this to apply for universities?
Yes, absolutely. As long as you have completed the entire course requirement and passed the final exam. We will send you a report card to you which you can either give it to your guidance counsellor or use this to apply for universities in the future.