Special Needs for Home Schooling - Online High School Ontario

Special needs for home schooling

This program is provided for students who have physical and mental disabilities to ensure them to have longer study time and exam accommodations dedicated for them. We believe all students should get an equal chance to complete their high school education. Please feel free to contact us if your child(ren) require some assistant with their education. We offer all high school courses which can be easily transferred to their home school or applied to universities in the future.
For more information, please refer to our course registration page.

All courses will be taken at home or anywhere as long as there is stable internet. Final exam will also be offered at home with extended time allowance.

If you need some financial assistant, we offer maximum three interest-free installments ( only two installments for one course registration) for students with special needs. The twenty dollars of service fee will be applied each time if the supporting document is approved by our finance team. Please click here for Installments Application Form.

Please feel free to contact our student Services manger, Selina at admin@torontoeschool.com for any clarification or suggestion.