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Toronto eSchool students applying to University through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre, OUAC, should take note of several critical dates on the OUAC website: Ontario Universities’ Application Centre Dates. Students must meet these dates to ensure that final marks are submitted on time. Late submissions are far less likely to be accepted by the Universities.

Students should space out the submission of their assignments to avoid a last minute ‘en masse’ mailing to teachers. Remember, it takes almost as much time to mark an assignment as it does to write it.

Note: Students must complete all assignments prior to the Mid-term before those marks can be submitted to the OUAC. In addition, all course assignments must be submitted to your teacher before the final exam is written, assignments handed in after the final exam will not be marked. Only after the completion of the entire course will final marks be sent to the OUAC.

Date Description
By the end of November 2018 You will receive your Application Access Code Letter from your guidance counsellor with your school number, student number and temporary PIN.
January 16 2019 Deadline to submit your completed applications to the OUAC. Students should check their OUAC profiles to ensure that all courses with Toronto eSchool are listed. Otherwise please notify us at [email protected] The initial application includes all final grades from completed Grade 11 and 12 courses and a list of all current-year courses in progress. Note: The OUAC still processes applications received after this date and distributes them to the universities; however, specific university deadlines will apply.
January 24 2019 Target date for Ontario universities to receive all application data and grades from the OUAC for applications submitted by January 16, 2019.
January 22 2019 Deadline to submit all works and write final exams for Toronto eScool Online courses.
Note: This only applies to students that want their Toronto eSchool Online course included in the final first-semester upload on March 1 2019.
Students are able to upload their final course marks later in the year, but should be aware of all OUAC deadlines. Students that complete their courses (including the exam) by January 22 2019 will have their grades uploaded by February 5 to the OUAC to be considered for early admission.
February 5 2019 Recommended last date for students to submit university and program changes and additional active choices to the OUAC to be considered for early admission.
Note: This is a recommended deadline. The OUAC will still accept and process application changes at any time.
March 1 2019 Target date for Ontario universities to receive all final first-semester grades and current full-year grades for 4U/M courses from the OUAC.
April 5 2019 Deadline to submit all work up to the mid-point for Toronto eSchool Online courses.
Note:Students that would like midterm grades for their TES Online courses uploaded by the May 7th deadline should have reached the mid-point of their course by April 5th to allow time for grading and uploading. Midterm grades should be uploaded at this time in order to be given equal consideration against other applicants. The majority of the larger high schools in Ontario will be uploading these grades for their students between April 9th and 13th.
May 7 2019 Target date for Ontario universities to receive second-semester midterm grades and interim grades for full-year courses from the OUAC. Grades the OUAC receives earlier than the deadline will be sent to Ontario universities when received.
May 29 2019 The latest date all high school applicants can expect a response from an Ontario university. This includes an offer of admission; a refusal; or a deferral.
June 3 2019 The earliest date an Ontario high school student may be required to respond to an Ontario university offer of admission and give a financial commitment (e.g., registration deposit, residence deposit, etc.).
June 15 2019 General deadline to submit all work and write exams for Toronto eSchool Online courses that students require for graduation.
Note: Many schools have different deadlines as per when they need to have proof of course completion; it is your responsibility to inform Toronto eSchool of when your home school requires this. Please ensure your exam is written at least 10 days before your school’s due date in order to account for grading and mailing time.
June 30 2019 Deadline to submit all work and write exams for Toronto eSchool Online courses.
Note: This deadline applies to students that would like their TES Online course included in the July 11th deadline.
Any final grades not completed by the July 11th transmission will still be accepted by the OUAC and reviewed by Ontario Universities, however, most competitive programs will be full by this time.
July 11 2019 Target date for the OUAC to send all remaining final grades to the universities. The OUAC will attempt to contact all schools that have not provided their grades.
Early June to August 2019 The Admission Information Service (AIS) allows you to determine which Ontario universities still have spots available in first-year undergraduate programs.

How to Apply to University with an OSSD, you can check out TES Guidance department for more information.
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