school information

Toronto eSchool offers students the opportunity to earn Ontario High School credits online using a combination of online video instruction, online assessments and evaluations, regular personal teacher-student support, and a variety of opportunities for student-student interactions. Our school seeks to maximise the flexibility of our students' learning using the most modern and effective learning technology and resources available, while carefully ensuring that all the expectations and policies of the Ontario Ministry of Education are completely met.

Why choose Toronto eSchool?

  • High quality multimedia instruction.
  • Dynamic and concise video lessons
  • Experienced and supportive teachers
  • Feedback and Assessment that is meaningful and timely
  • Maximal student interaction and engagement

Here are some sample video lessons from Toronto eSchool Teachers on the right.

Toronto eSchool is an accredited Ontario High School (BSID #886520) inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The purpose of the Ministry inspection is to confirm the standard of instruction is satisfactory in courses leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). This means the structure of the courses, the quality of the teaching, and the work of the students must be consistent with the Ministry of Education's Curriculum Program Planning and Assessment Guidelines.

MDM4U with Mike

MHF4U with Melissa

SCH3U with Kareem